The diversified nutrition of full value is the reliable way for achieving of sound health and longevity. It is urgent both for fishes and for us. Foodstuffs of integrated freezing have become habitual and necessary for us already long ago.  Their advantages are obvious ones, namely, ease of storing, high nutritive and palatable value, and natural appearance.

    In the Aquarian environment in view of limited space for fish movements their menu should be chosen with the special responsibility. 
    The best fish-food is live one, but any live food stock is the seasonal phenomenon.  It is stored during the short period of time and demands the


    special storage conditions. Using of live food stock makes bringing the dangerous deceases into an aquarium possible.

    The NEON Company uses fresh natural raw materials and up-to-date technologies of disinfection, pre-packing and shock freezing of finished commodity for manufacturing of frozen fish-foods. All that makes possible manufacturing of high-quality fish-foods that preserve all wholesome properties of live food stock in the case of their long-term storage.

    The Veterinary Service of Ukraine at every turn tests the frozen fish-foods of manufactured by the NEON Company which meet demands of international veterinary specifications in full.

    The frozen fish-foods also have an advantage in comparison with dried ones, namely, easiness of digestion, variety of their composition, natural content of vitamins, minerals and coloring agents (carotene, hemoglobin), and natural appearance.
    Just preservation of natural appearance and smell of fish-foods is the deciding factor for achieving of their attractiveness for fishes. A lot of fish species simply do not consume the dried stock because the latter look and smell in a different way than their analogs  in natural water environment.

    Tender your beloved fishes with the frozen fish-foods manufactured by the NEON Company and you will see that they eat the before-mentioned products with GREAT GUSTO.

    After all YOU do not eat dried crusts only!
    The NEON Company offers the wide range of blister-packed fish-foods of 100 ml for feeding
    - Freshwater Aquarian fishes;
    - Saltwater Aquarian fishes;
    - Tortoises.

    We offer you the best products - those ones which we use for fish feeding ourselves.
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