In 1999 firstly in Ukraine the NEON Company developed the technology and began production of frozen blister-packed foods for Aquarian fishes.

    In 2000 products of NEON Company were firstly represented in the INTERZOO exhibition in Germany.

    The production complex belonging to the NEON Company consists of working facilities including the cooling chamber for live feedstock, chilling room for frozen-stock storing, refrigeration chamber for shock freezing and freezing rooms intended for storage of finished commodity and Aquarian


    basic live-fish stock used for development and testing of new formulations of NEON Company fish-foods.

    Main priorities of NEON Company activities are as follows:
    - Permanent improving of technological processes used in operating enterprise with a view  of increasing of production volumes and provision of maximal complete control over products quality in the course of going through all phases of production cycle - from preparing of raw materials to packing of finished commodity;
    - Widening of assortment of output goods at the expense of introducing the new varieties of fish-foods and packages with a view of maximal full meeting of demands made by our customers and satisfying of needs that are obligatory for their pet-fishes; 
    - Participation in developing of Aquarian business in Ukraine and abroad, bringing of consumption culture to dwellers of sub-aquatic world and rising of their life level. 

    In the beginning of 2009 the NEON Company has begun output of its products on a base of the new-generation equipment and introduced technologies of all-around automation of production cycle.

    Every year the more and more companies which are residents both East-European and West-European countries as well as Ukraine show the stable preference for dependability of NEON Company and for its professional approach to products manufacturing. 
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